All are welcome!
Weekly Events
9:00 AM          Full Breakfast
10:00 AM        Life Apps
11:00 AM        Worship
6:00 PM           Evening Worship
6:00 PM           Fellowship
7:00 PM           Family Worship
Are you new to First Baptist Church?
     I’m Pastor Barry Secrest and I’d like to extend an invitation on behalf of all of us at FBC to come and be a part of the joyful, meaningful, unique, and exciting family we have in Christ. This is an invitation for anyone at any age! There are always youth services for infants, children, and teenagers. Sunday School groups are abundant such as new members, couples, and youth. Please join us in services and more! Many special events and programs are available. Most importantly, I want to make sure you know you have an eternal relationship with God. Read about it in the "Eternal Life" tab of our website. Please feel free to contact me personally. My and the church office's contact information is in the "Contact Us" tab of our website. God bless you!
Places to start:
First Baptist Church of Seaford  302-702-2990  10016 Concord Road  Seaford DE, 19973
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